Hi there, we are Shane and Adele. We live in Geelong, Australia with our cheeky Labrador’s- Lily and Daisy. We are a vegan foodie destination filled with vegan recipes, cooking, beauty, health and wellness information.

We love to eat and create delicious and nutritious food that just happens to be plant based. The food we make is all created around the concept that A- its not your standard ‘vegan’ food and B- you would never feel like you are missing out eating your favourite comfort or nostalgia based foods. In fact you can have it all- delicious food that makes you look and feel amazing!

We love creating different vegan dishes and believe food needs to be fresh, wholesome, healthy, easy to prepare, beautiful and family and budget friendly. Think recreations of fast food burgers, delicious rich carb loaded meals, cheesy Mexican meals, delicious family home cooked meals and sweet treats. We love to create food that isn’t traditionally plant based let alone healthy!

Our Story

We started eating a plant based diet in 2014 after been challenged to do a ‘vegan week’ by Adele’s brother- Clint. We noticed the health benefits after a few short days; we knew this was how we wanted to live. Aside from the health benefits we were experiencing, we educated ourselves on other aspects of veganism such as sustainability and ethical reasons. We just knew this was the right path for us. We started cooking up a storm and began sharing our recipes with friends and family, Then when they grew tiresome of our food obsession- we created our website and instagram to share our creations far and wide. 

About Shane

I’m an award-winning qualified chef and barista who is passionate about creating delicious and beautiful foods that make your body feel energised and powerful. I love the way that food creates pleasure and brings people together all while feeding my creative side.

I developed a passion of cooking from my Estonian Grandmother Louise. I began working in hospitality when I was 13 years old, I knew very early on that I always wanted to cook and share amazing food and produce with those around me. After qualifying and working as a chef for a few years I started my own cafes, which I had for over a decade. 

Although I loved every second of it, late nights, stress and all, I decided that it was the right time to move on from my busy successful businesses.

 I’m now a Real Estate Agent with the best agency in Geelong, which I feel honoured to help families and couple to sell and find homes they can create magical memories in.

I love keeping fit by going to the gym, running and spending time at the beach with the loves of my life- Adele and our pups Lily and Daisy.

Adele and I love cooking and creating together- this is when we are the happiest, cooking and eating unbelievable food. Del often tells people she is the savoury to my sweet in the kitchen so we make a great team.

About Adele

I’m passionate about health, wellness, holistic living, cooking, beauty and fitness. I hope to empower people to feel and look their best and to live their best life possible. 

I believe a wholefood plant based diet has been the key for me to be my happiest and healthiest version of myself.I also think food should be satisfying, easy to prepare; delicious and shared with those you love.

feel fortunate that my creative outlet of cooking and creating plant based food feeds one part of my self and my professional outlet feeds my other part. In my professional life- I’m an Aesthetic Laser Specialist and Practice Manager for a Plastic and Reconstruction Surgical Practice and a Laser and Health Academy educator.

I’ve always loved food but it wasn’t until I meet Shane 11 years ago that I became truly passionate and inspired by cooking. I love cooking with Shane and hosting dinner party’s with our friends and family. My cooking is inspired by family favourite meals and our travels.

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